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When you visit our website. Resume Lord is committed to preserving your privacy(s). We want you to be aware of the data we gather, how we use it, and how you can ask for its updating or correction.

Please return to this page from time to time to check for updates as the organization has the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. The top of this document displays the date of the most recent revision.


Any visitor to our site is covered by our privacy policy(s). This policy is applicable to the collection, storage, processing, and transfer of Personal Information both online and offline.


The following terms, as used in this privacy policy, have the following definitions:

  • “Business Associates” refers to third-party service providers that the Organization may hire to perform tasks on their behalf, such as those connected to the Site(s) or for transactions made there, such as social networking, hosting, web analytics, lead generation, academic, business, or financial services, but not limited to.
  • Specific Personal Information of a financial nature, such as your credit card number, is referred to as “Financial Information.”
  • “Information” refers to any data gathered, such as “Personal Information,” “Financial Information,” “Web Analytical Information,” or any other data we may gather about you via our website (s).
  • Your Web analytical information and personal information, such as your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number, that the organization gathers, uses, and discloses for marketing and promotional purposes as indicated, are collectively referred to as “Marketing Information.”
  • Financial information is included in the definition of “Personal Information,” which also refers to information that could be used alone or in combination to identify a particular person.
  • No matter the domain name or IP address, “Site” or “Sites” refers to the Organization’s website at www.resumelord.com as well as any other Organization-controlled or authorized Sites (including, without limitation, any Business Associate sites).
  • The term “Social Network” refers to a variety of Internet communication tools offered on websites that enable online contact and interaction between users. These tools include but are not limited to blogs, discussion forums, wikis, chat rooms, newsgroups, and more.
  • The term “Social Network Content” (or “SNC”) refers to the user-generated content that you agree to post on a Social Network. It may include Personal Information, such as digital images and sounds that you upload to a Social Network, but it is not limited to that. Your Personal Information that might be shown on other users’ Social Network pages is also included.
  • Organization We, us, and our all refer to the Resume Lord in the following phrases.
  • “Unrelated Entities” refers to third parties who are neither Educational Partners nor Business Associates of Resume Lord.
  • “Web Analytical Information” means internet generated Information we collect when you visit our Sites. This Information may be linked to marketing and Personal Information. When linked with other Information identifying you personally, either alone or in combination with other Information, then such Information also will be considered Personal Information.
  • Internet-generated data is what we refer to as “web analytical data” when you visit one of our sites. This data may be connected to personal and marketing data. Such information will also be regarded as personal information if it is connected to other information that can be used alone or in conjunction with other information to identify you personally.

Information We Collect

When we call you on the phone, we use our sites to gather a variety of information from you. Some of this data is gathered automatically by the organization through social networking applications and other web and internet technologies. Other information is gathered when you respond to advertisements or information requests, register for or order educational or other products and services, create a profile on a social network or other website, or utilize one of our interactive learning tools.

In order to improve the usability and relevance of our sites, we gather web analytical information that enables us to understand how visitors discover and navigate our sites, their preferences for site or social networking content, and the most popular pages among users. To achieve the goals outlined in this privacy statement, this information may be connected with personal data.

How We Use This Information

Marketing information

We use marketing information to better tailor our sites and services to your needs, to measure and enhance the features of our sites, to communicate with you about goods or services that might be of interest to you via email, postal mail, telephone, cellular/mobile phone, PDA devices, or on applications for mobile phones like the iPhone or Blackberry, to offer you customer support, and to thwart potentially illegal activities (including illegal gambling). We also employ a range of technology tools to identify suspicious activity, deal with it, and screen content to stop abuses like spam. The functioning of the Site for some users may occasionally be permanently suspended or terminated as a result of these efforts.

Personal Information

The Organization is aware that giving us access to your personal information shows your faith in us, and we value that trust. Your personal information won’t be given to anyone by us for sale, rental, or leasing. For the following reasons, we may collect, utilize, and disclose personal information:

  • to deliver the goods and services requested
  • to address your questions
  • to manage contests in which you have expressed interest for our internal marketing objectives, which may involve sending you information about goods, services, updates, or other topics we believe you might find interesting.
  • for encouraging interaction and cooperation amongst individuals within the community of the Organization through Social Networks
  • for distributing to our Partners, who may get in touch with you regarding their services;
  • for distributing to our Business Partners or Associates who provide services on our behalf.
  • to investigate how users access and utilize websites and services;
  • to enhance the delivery of services and site performance
  • to evaluate learning outcomes and preferences in the classroom
  • to evaluate business outcomes and risk
  • to collect money for the services we give you.
  • to keep financial records for a fair amount of time

We may send you various communications using an automatic telephone dialing system, artificial or prerecorded audio messages, or text messages in accordance with the uses mentioned above. Further, when you provide us with a cellular, wireless, or mobile telephone number as your contact number, you acknowledge that you are giving us with your express agreement to receive calls via an automated dialing system, prerecorded voice messages or text messages connected to your enrollment. Please give us a LAN-based phone number if you do not want to receive these updates on your cellular or mobile phone.

Financial Information
Your Financial Information will be used to complete your registration or any transaction you have started with us as well as to provide the products and services you have requested, analyze operational and business results, and assess risk. Except in the event of a reorganization, merger, or purchase of our shares or assets, it will not be sold, rented, or otherwise transferred to an Educational Partner, Business Associate, or Unrelated Entity for any reason other than this.

Your payment card information sent to us over the Internet is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption. Even our employees cannot see your payment card details.


Subject to any contractual, academic, legal, or technical limits and with fair notice, you may choose not to allow us to collect, use, or disclose your personal information at any time. Please be aware that we might no longer be able to offer some products or services if you choose not to consent to certain uses of your personal information. You might not be able to refuse certain necessary data collection, uses, and disclosures, such as disclosures to government agencies as necessary for us to comply with applicable laws, educational announcements, keeping reasonable academic, business, and transaction records, and maintaining reasonable academic, business, and transaction records.

You have the option to opt out of receiving marketing messages from us, and you may do so by following the instructions on the relevant email or other communication. Please be aware, however, that making such a request would only have the effect of removing you from our list as well as the list of any Business Associates that work for us. Once the Information has been sent in accordance with this Policy, we are not liable for how any third party uses it. If you want your Information to be deleted from their database, you must get in touch with that third party.

Subject to contractual, academic, legal, or technical limits and with reasonable notice, you may modify various user settings relating to sharing your Personal Information contained in any user profile you create as part of Social Network activities provided by us. Please take note that we might not be able to provide you with certain goods or services if you stop using social networking sites.

Our Security Measures

To prevent the loss, abuse, and alteration of the Information in our control, we shall take commercially reasonable steps to secure and store your Information. When we ask you to log in to any of our sites or when we accept your credit card information during the online ordering process, we use industry-standard security procedures (s).

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that data transfer via the internet is entirely safe. Because of this, even though we will use these precautions, we cannot guarantee that the Information under our control will not be lost, misused, or altered. As a result, you give us Information at your own risk. You should always use caution while handling and disclosing personal information, and you should refrain from sending personal.

Monitoring of Communications

All incoming and outgoing conversations may be watched and recorded by us for quality control and representative training. If such communications are chosen, they are only kept for as long as is required to fulfill these aims, unless a particular communication must be kept for legal reasons. Please let your representative know if you would prefer that your correspondence not be stored for any reason.

Internet Technologies Used

On our sites, we use cookies, web beacons, and other appropriate internet technologies to carry out the purposes outlined above, as well as to deliver site messaging and keep track of your Information. You can get rid of these tiny bits of software code that are present on your computer and browser. Although doing so might make our sites inaccessible to you, you are free to choose to uninstall such technology. By turning off these capabilities in your browser program, you can choose not to use cookies or other internet technologies. To make changes to your browser’s cookie settings or delete cookie files, use the “Help” option.

Children's Privacy

We take the privacy of children very seriously. Our websites are not intended for or targeted at minors under the age of 13. You can get in touch with us or remove the information yourself if you think your child may have given us Personal Information or registered on one of our sites and would like it to be deleted.

Site Hosting and Links from Our Sites to Other Websites

Some of our websites may link to external websites hosted by partners and other entities, or they may be hosted by business associates. Your personal information may be accessible to and used in accordance with the privacy policies of the websites you browse, whether they are these Sites or external ones. Please be sure to thoroughly read the policies of any websites you visit online. Please be aware that the collection, use, and disclosure of information about you by Partners, Business Associates, and Unrelated Entities will be subject to the policies applicable to those other Sites or external websites. We are not liable for the privacy practices or the content of any sites or external websites that we do not directly control.

Privacy Policy Changes

This privacy statement may occasionally be updated or revised by Resume Lord. You should get in touch with us as outlined below if you have concerns about how your personal information is used or disclosed, or you can frequently visit this site to get the most recent version of our privacy statement. To get the most recent version, we strongly advise you to routinely examine this privacy statement. Following any modifications to this Privacy Policy, your continuing provision of Personal Information or use of our services will be deemed your acceptance of those changes. We will try to give you at least 30 days’ notice if we plan to use information that personally identifies you in a way that materially differs from how we described it when it was first collected. You will be given the option of allowing or disallowing the usage of previously submitted Information.

How to Access Your Information and Contact Us

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, would want access to, or wish to change any of your Personal Information, please contact us at:

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